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      The Awake Shot

      Designed for everyone, the Nurish AWAKE shot was birthed because of a lack of “healthy energy shots'' in the market. Our nutrient-packed shot features powerful ingredients to get your daily vitamin intake and strengthens the immune system. AWAKE contains all natural caffeine, which delivers effective energy without any “sugar crash”.

      Nurish Wellness

      Means to “provide with the food or other substances necessary for growth, health, and good condition. Our mission is to equip the everyday person with nutritious, convenient, and effective products that provide a sustainable and healthy lifestyle. Nurish products are chemical free, 100% natural, and are packed with plant-based superfood ingredients, vitamins and minerals. We believe in developing healthy habits through wellness products that deliver functional and effective results. Why not nurish your body while being able to access natural energy that you need and want? Nurish gives you the highest quality products that will nurish your body along with your mental and physical being to do what you need to do in your everyday life.

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